Dell Inspiron Completely Frozen On Restart Screen

From this point, you have the option of “Sleep, Shutdown or Restart”. If you’re trying to restart, select to select the Restart option. If your attempt to access options didn’t go to plan, reboot and attempt again. Press ALT + F4 until you are able to see the shutdown window. Choose the Restart option that is indicated through the Up and Down Arrow and press Enter. The black screen may be due to a variety of causes. Press CTRL AL + DEL on your keyboard.

In the bottom right corner, you’ll notice the Power icon. Hit it, and then reboot. You are entitled to review and alter your personal information, and also to ask for its deletion within the limitations set by the laws in effect. Select the Finishbutton, or press any key that highlights the finish option and press Enter. You will then be able to complete the task by following the instructions on screen. Select Remove my files, then selectReset.

How To Factory Reset A Dell Under Windows Xp Without Password?

Click the button below and then you can begin recovering your data using the next steps. To remove the black screen issue you could try to remove the new applications and conduct a virus check. If your black screen persists, head to Fix 4 to upgrade the driver for your graphic card.

It’s especially useful in the absence of the ability to use your mouse or trackpad. Unplug the laptop’s power cord from its wall plug. Remove the battery gently according to the mode’s settings. There are hooks that can be undone and first check for them. It could be that there is a problem with the driver for your display adapter. Your graphics driver might have encountered issues when using Windows.

Dell Inspiron Completely Frozen On Restart Screen

Solution 6: Restart The Explorer Exe Process

The next step-by step guide shows you how to verify whether the display panel you have works properly and the best way to change it. The factors above are what we have at the moment for the Dell laptop issue with black screens. Black screen is a typical problem on Windows 10.

Step 1: Backing Up Your Data

It is imperative to unplug all items that you do not require to start the computer, such as the printer, scanner, modem, speakers for external use, as well as network cable. It is also important to unplug any tablet, smartphone and USB flash drive could have been connected to your laptop. In the beginning, disconnect all cables connected to the Dell laptop. After the process is completed you can select onFinishto restart your laptop. On the Choose an option screen, click on Troubleshoot.

Press the button for a long time and it will close. Do a hard restart since you are unable to perform it manually using Windows. Hold the power button down for couple of seconds , and the laptop will shut down itself. N.B. Before you begin, it is important to note that if you restore your computer back to its original factory configuration, all files stored on the C drive will be erased. We strongly recommend backing up personal files prior to beginning the reset. Be aware that if neither method does the trick, this could be a sign of the fact that your computer’s factory default partition has vanished (i.e. it has become corrupted or deleted). In this situation the system will need restore your operating system on the DVD or CD that came by your laptop.

Ryan Perian is a certified IT specialist with a variety of IT certifications. He has over 12 years’ experience in IT industry in support and managerial posts. If the restore health program gave you errors, you could use the following command. Be sure to restart your computer for the changes to be effective. Remove all external devices and peripherals . Dell Inspiron 5584 built keyboard is not functioning properly. For more information on making sure you update to the latest BIOS version, follow this tutorial.

But, this tool will only detect major system files. It cannot tackle damaged DLLs, Windows Registry key, and so on. 3.) Restart your computer and check whether the black screen is gone. The drivers included that are included in Driver Easy come straight from the manufacturer. You are welcome to test the Pro version, as you’ll receive complete support and a 30 day money-back assurance. If you require assistance you can contact Driver Easy’s customer support

Dell Inspiron Completely Frozen On Restart Screen

To do this, hold CTRL + ALT + DEL, and press the power button, which will restart your computer. Then, press the Restore button, followed byEnter. A warning message will pop up to warn you of the lost data that occurred during Factory reset. It takes a while, and then your computer will reboot.

Remove the laptop’s power outlet and remove the battery with care. Select the Start or Windows button, and then click on the power button in order to power off the laptop. If you’re operating Windows 10, follow these steps to restore Your Dell Inspiron to Factory Settings. You can only reset your settings to factory defaults on in your Dell in Windows 7 after creating a Live CD. After that, you can delete the administrator password. Make sure to keep Your Dell notebook connected to power sources throughout the whole reset and reinstallation process. By default, reseting this computer will delete the files, but not completely erase the files.

Windows will prompt you to select between either a Cloud download or an Local Reinstall. Like before the local installation in Windows 10 is faster and does not require internet access. In the Choose an option screen, choose Troubleshoot. The Additional Settings screen appears to allow you to make further choices regarding your data. Under Reset this PC, click the Start button. Wiping an Dell laptop can be the ultimate option for troubleshooting when something goes wrong in Windows 10. It’s also a good idea in the event that you’re looking to dispose of your laptop.

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